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What problems often encountered in the overseas warehouse shipments in the US during the peak season?


How to efficiently pick up the US overseas warehouses in the peak season? High-efficiency picking and dispatching is the competition point of major enterprises nowadays. Especially when the season is not high, the number of orders from sellers increases, and high-quality warehouse management and fast delivery can often improve the purchase. Home purchase service experience. However, current cross-border logistics shipments often encounter problems:

  1. Unplanned blind picking, which causes the picker to find out where the goods are located;
  2. The picking of a single multi-goods is very ordered, the phenomenon of out of stock after the end of the picking;
  3. The cultivation of picking talents is very difficult. They often pick the wrong goods;
  4. The responsible person of the procurement is not clear about the shortage of the current warehouse, and cannot be purchased in time or blindly.
  5. The goods returned by the purchase can not be quickly put on the shelves;
  6. Inventory turnover is difficult;
  7. Repeated delivery or leakage of shipping phenomenon frequently;
  8. The company is unable to perform correct performance accounting on the picking personnel, and the work enthusiasm is slow.

US overseas warehouse companies need to pick and ship in the peak season and often encounter these problems. After solving these problems, customers will be able to get a better experience, and then continue to place orders, a virtuous cycle.

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