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About B&J Warehousing & Distribution

Toronto Warehousing, Canada Warehousing, Warehousing Services, Buffalo warehousing & more

B&J Warehousing and Distribution provides the best shipping rates through our easy-to-use price comparison shipping platform.


Located in major transport hub cities: Toronto, Buffalo, and Los Angeles

B&J Warehousing and Distribution is a warehousing and logistics company of B&J Global Inc, which was founded in 2013 in Toronto, Canada. B&J started as an importer and distributor of auto parts and has since become one of the leading third-party warehouses serving local and international customers with auto parts, furniture, pets, fashion, electronics, and other industries.

B&J warehousing and fulfillment centers are located in major transport hub cities like Toronto, Buffalo, and Los Angeles. We provide our customers with ONE-STOP logistics solutions in North America, including:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Warehousing Services
  • Distribution and order fulfillment
  • Amazon prep and delivery
  • Local logistics services and cross-border shipping
  • 3pl Warehouse
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Fulfillment warehouse
  • Mississauga warehousing
  • ecommerce warehousing
  • Buffalo warehousing
  • Shopify fulfillment
  • Cross border shipping
  • Cargo transport
  • Warehouse and distribution

B&J has assisted hundreds of companies and thousands of brands to sell in North America with our efficient and cost-effective services.

Reducing Your Logistics Costs

B&J Warehousing & Distribution

Canada and US third-party warehouse. We offer long- and short-term storage, order fulfillment at our fulfillment center, and distribution within/between Canada and the US.

Transbest Global Logistics

As a registered NOVCC, we offer freight forwarding, Canada, for imports and exports transported by ocean, air, or truck. We handle all kinds of shipments to and from North America.

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