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Problems with two-way overseas warehouses


The US overseas warehouses have found that there are many companies trying to make a two-way overseas warehouse model. You will find that there are many things you can do, but when you really start to try this model, you add a completely opposite business model. You will find that the corresponding problem is more.

1. Manpower allocation, cost increase
The addition of one type of business means that more employees are needed, while the salary of foreign employees is about $2,000-2,500 per person, which is quite expensive. However, if it is deployed among existing employees, it may also cause the shortage of the original business or the mistakes and confusion caused by the business cross.

2. Warehouse operation, increased difficulty
Even if the warehouse management is carried out, it takes time to judge whether it is export goods or imported goods before entering the warehouse. If the address is sent from the FBA warehouse, it is necessary to determine whether the buyer’s return or import order, so the error rate and error cost are high.

3. Tax customs clearance, complicated business
When you accept the import business, whether it is BC (no bonded warehouse) or BBC (with bonded warehouse) mode, you will face the problem of solving the order information, payment slips, and logistics waybills, and the process is complicated and time-consuming. Reduce the speed of fast cargo flow.

Through the sharing of the above content, we now know that the two-way overseas warehouse model of the US overseas warehouse is a common way of cross-border trade. If you have the needs of the US overseas warehouse, you can contact us.

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