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How to solve the problem of US overseas warehouse picking


After encountering the shopping spree season, after the exponential growth of orders, how to solve the problem of US overseas warehouse picking? Boss overseas warehouse tells us that we can sort through a single item, sort and sort out multiple items, and strengthen warehouse staff. Picking the enthusiasm these three methods to solve.

1. Sorting of a single item
In the case of a single item, the goods purchased by the buyer are the same. At this time, the warehouse staff only needs to collect all the goods in one time according to the goods purchased by the buyer, and the buyer purchases them. The goods are all the same, so the employee can directly scan the product SKU for packaging under the premise of checking the quantity of the package and the quantity purchased. For a single item and no SKU barcode, the principle of fast delivery is The employee needs to print the SKU barcode on the picking list. When scanning, compare the barcodes on the picking list one by one; for the same product, you can also use some baskets to sort and put the same goods in one. Convenient packaging in the basket.

2. the sorting of a single multi-goods
Warehouse managers need to design different types of picking trucks according to the size of their goods. Each picking truck can be set with different numbers of small compartments, and one grid code of each picking truck represents an order; It is relatively complicated. Usually, it needs the sorting personnel to design and plan the order of picking. Of course, it can also be appropriately added to the use of relevant inventory software to adjust the sorting of a single multi-goods, and calculate the position and path of the goods in advance. Under the premise of familiarizing with the location of specific products, sort the required goods according to the picking list, and return to the packaging area to directly scan the box number package.

3. Strengthen the enthusiasm of warehouse staff for sorting
In the opinion of many sellers, the picking management of the warehouse focuses on a more detailed distinction, so that many sellers have marked the corresponding suppliers, colors, and sizes on each shelf. Cui Feng suggested that the seller must set the warehouse management. Use shelf and SKU barcodes to improve the efficiency of employee selection and picking, and the goods and SKU barcodes on the shelves should be neatly arranged. The shorter the barcode, the more suitable for picking the goods; correctly plan the sorting area and channel, and prohibit the congestion and occupation of the channel; In addition, it is recommended that sellers focus on the relevant mobilization of warehouse employees to improve the actual efficiency of warehouse operations.

For the US overseas warehouse staff can take an assessment system, while increasing the enthusiasm of employees, can improve the rapid delivery efficiency of warehouse goods, and get more.

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