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Duty Elimination

B2C sellers can eliminate 100% of their duty costs when shipping from Canada to the US by sending their inventory to B&J's Toronto warehousing center. We pick and pack, fulfill, and ship clients' orders from Canada to our Buffalo warehouse in the United States for daily pick-up with the B&J Duty Elimination program, whether you ship with USPS, UPS, or FedEx. If the individual order value on a single day is $800 or less, all goods shipped from Canada to the United States will be cleared under Section 321 and exempt from duties and taxes.

How the B&J Duty Elimination program helps Canadian sellers to ship from Canada to the US

  • Flexible in volume: You can ship one package, one pallet, or one whole truckload order from Canada to the US.
  • Deep discount shipping rate and self-printing shipping labels: You can choose the lowest shipping method in our customer operation system and print USPS, UPS, or FedEx labels for your packages in bulk for your shipments from Canada to the US.
  • Same day/Next day delivery from Canada to the US: We can finish the customs clearance and delivery to the US the same day or the next day after receiving your orders.
  • Return receiving and resell: We receive your returns, inspect products, repack, and resell.
  • Shipping back to Canada: If there is any return for your products shipped from Canada to the US, we receive your return orders from the US buyers, store them and ship them back to Canada as you request.
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