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6 Warehousing Locations Worldwide

B&J Warehousing and Distribution provides warehousing services from West to East


Toronto Warehouse

  • 110,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse in Greater Toronto Area (Missussauga and Scarborough) Canada.

Niagara Falls Warehouse

  • 40,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse in Niagara Falls

Buffalo Warehouse

  • 100,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse in Buffalo, US

Montreal Warehouse

  • 50,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse Montreal, Canada

Calgary Warehouse

  • 60,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse Calgary, Canada

Los Angeles Warehouse

  • 120,000 square feet fulfillment and logistics warehouse in Los Angeles, US


  • Warehousing in Canada and US
  • Same day/next day order fulfillment and tracking number uploading
  • Transfer your inventory between Toronto, Canada, Buffalo, and Los Angeles the US, efficiently and promptly
  • Professional warehouse management system with real-time inventory control

Palletized and non-palletized storage

B&J warehousing provides palletized and non-palletized warehouse storage in Canada and US. We strategically placed warehouse locations such as Toronto, Buffalo, and Los Angeles, which provide swift and easy access to border crossings, international ports, and North American consumers. Our abundant and accessible warehousing and fulfillment centers are available in the following locations:

  • Toronto warehousing and fulfillment center, Ontario, Canada
  • Buffalo warehousing and fulfillment center, New York, US
  • Los Angeles warehousing and fulfillment center, California, US

Order fulfillment and distribution

B&J's Toronto, Buffalo, and Los Angeles warehouses and fulfillment centers can accurately handle a large volume of orders with fast delivery to your clients. We will fulfill your orders from a fulfillment center of your choice by small packages delivery or LTL/FTL freights via couriers or 3rd party freight partners.

Pick and Pack

Pick-and-pack is a form of repackaging and distribution. The products are usually stored in boxes, and the order must be picked in parts.

The relevant items are selected from the shelf, packaged according to your specifications, and then shipped to the buyer from our warehouse.

The main benefits of using a pick-and-pack service are increased efficiency and lower costs. You can send your products in bulk to our Toronto warehousing and fulfillment centers(or any of our other warehouses), which will handle the division and distribution for you, rather than having to create pre-packaged sets in a variety of combinations.

Packaging and Labeling

If you customize your shipment to your client, B&J Global warehousing can meet your tailored packaging and labeling needs while committing accuracy and efficiency.

From sourcing the proper shipping boxes to applying new labels, B&J has its Toronto warehousing in Canada, and Buffalo and Los Angeles warehouses and fulfillment centers in the US, providing flexibility and a hassle-free experience.

Marketing Material

When you need printed materials or gifts to go out with your orders, B&J can get the job done at its Toronto warehousing and fulfillment center in Canada or its Buffalo and Los Angeles warehouses and fulfillment centers in the US.

All you have to do is let us know your requirements, and we'll make sure our services meet any budget while exceeding your expectations!

Reverse Logistics and Returns

When you have a return or replacement requirement from your customers, B&J's Buffalo, Los Angeles, and Toronto warehousing and fulfillment centers provide one-stop reverse logistics solutions, which include:

  • generating a return label to report the return receiving
  • inspecting the product and the box
  • restocking, replacing, shipping back to your designated location by courier service or trucking service

If you're a Canadian seller:

  • we receive your returns in our Buffalo warehouse and ship them back to Canada

If you're a US seller:

  • we receive your returns in our Toronto warehousing and fulfillment center and ship them back to the US
Shipping Solutions within/between Canada and US

B&J Warehousing Management System (WMS) allows our customers to easily upload their own shipping labels.

It also offers competitive discounted shipping rates with most couriers, including UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and USPS. Our customers can compare the shipping cost of all these couriers for their specific orders and select the cheapest one in the system.

Once you have confirmed the shipping method of a specific order, the tracking number will be generated instantly and uploaded to the marketplace automatically.

Inventory Management

From receiving to fulfillment and shipping, the B&J Warehouse Management System (WMS) is completely integrated for 3PL logistics, and inventory will be updated in real-time.

Our customers can interface their eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others with our Order Management System (OMS) to capture and send orders to our fulfillment center for order picking and fulfillment.

All orders will be processed within one business day, and delivery tracking numbers will be promptly uploaded to respective eCommerce platforms. With our streamlined process, customers can track their orders at any point in the process by viewing their inventory data from anywhere at any time.


Facility set up and management

When our customers need a specific storage area or a warehouse to set up in Canada or the US, B&J warehousing and fulfillment centers can help you in:

  • setting up a designated area in our warehouse
  • searching and leasing a separate warehouse in your desired location
  • managing your area or warehouse and operating your daily orders

5 Stars Reviews from Google


Saved my money and saved my business

B&J Global has facilities in Toronto and Buffalo, and their cross-border solution solved my problem. Now I print the US domestic shipping labels from their system and put them on my packages. Now I print the US domestic shipping labels from their system and put them on my packages.

- James Robert -


Warehousing in Mississauga and Buffalo

We are more than happy to have B&J Global as our fulfillment warehouse and logistics partner, especially as we have customers in both Canada and the US. They have warehouses in Mississauga and Buffalo, plus daily cross-border trucking services with their truck fleet, which is precisely what we need...

- Elijah James-


Deeply satisfied with B&J Warehousing

I am deeply satisfied with B&J Global's receiving cycle time. An accurate and detailed receiving report was sent to me the following day after the containers were delivered to their warehouse. Once I confirmed the receiving report, I could immediately place an order on their system.

- David Albans-


B&J has intelligent system to compare shipping rates

B&J Global has an intelligent system to compare shipping rates between UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, USPS, etc. Some of my products are large sizes, and they have excellent shipping discounts for oversized items when I ship with their UPS and FedEx account. For smaller items, the discount is good...

- Mary-

Why Choose Us

B&J is your ONE-STOP warehousing and logistic service provider in North America.

Canada/us fulfillment warehouses


  • 400,000+ sq ft Toronto warehousing, Vancouver warehousing, Montreal warehousing in Canada, as well as warehouses in Buffalo and Los Angeles, US, with daily shipping from Canada to the US
  • Same-day order fulfillment with high accuracy
  • Transfer your inventory between Canada and US, efficiently and promptly
  • Warehouse management system(WMS)with real-time inventory control
Canada-us daily transportation


  • LTL/FTL freight within and between Canada and US
  • Packages shipping from Canada to US cross-border daily transportation-Duty free
  • Amazon FBA delivery within and between Canada and US
  • 7-days-storage-free cross-docking service
E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Specially designed customer software for online orders operation
  • Multiple warehouses in Canada and the US
  • SAME-DAY order fulfillment
  • FBA prep and flat rate delivery service
  • Canada – US cross border TAX-FREEorderdelivery
  • Deep-discount packages shipping rate
  • Reverse logistic service-receiving,inspection,repair,relabel,restocking and return
Freight forwarding & cross-docking


  • Licensed North AmericaNOVCC freight forwarder
  • Toronto warehouse – 8 minutes away from YYZ airport, 15 minutes away from CN/CP rail station, saving your freight forwarding Canadacost and cross-docking efficiency.
  • Buffalo warehouse – 15 minutes away from the US/Canada border, saving your US/Canada freight forwarding cost
  • Los Angeles warehouse – 20 minutes away from Long Beach port, saving your freight forwarding US cost
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