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Duty elimination program

B&J Duty Elimination program can deliver your online orders from Canada to the US daily and free of tax. Tax-free shipping from Canada to the US works in the following way:

  • You can print your own US DOMESTIC shipping labels in Canada from our system, including labels from couriers such as UPS US, FedEx US, and USPS. Ship from Canada to the US with local ground service rates instead of international export rates.
  • We pick up your packages, prepare all documents, and safely deliver across the border.
  • All packages will be cleared under section 321, TAX-FREE.
  • Your shipments will be shipped from Canada to the US and unloaded in our B&J Buffalo warehouse for daily pick-up courier companies.
  • The tracking numbers will show your packages are shipped from our Buffalo warehouse location.
  • We will receive any returns and ship them back to Canada as you request – daily, weekly or monthly.
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