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Logistics Solutions between Canada and US

Locating in Canada/US and working with our transportation partners in Canada and US, we can help our customers with a complete logistics solutions such as:

  • Short-term or long-term storage in Canada and US
  • Ship from Canada to US
  • Return shipping from US to Canada
  • Amazon FBA delivery between Canada and the US
  • 7-days-storage-free Cross-docking

Cross-border shipping

B&J Warehousing and Distribution provides solution to our customers for their shipment from Canada to the US and from the US back to Canada. We work with carriers and will arrange your shipping between the destinations. We ensure our carriers provide the proper insurance, licensing, and safety required for the shipment of your products.


Small packages shipped from Canada to the US

B&J Warehousing and Distribution provides daily shipping solution from our Toronto warehousing center to Buffalo warehouse and from Buffalo warehouse back to the Toronto warehouse. B2C sellers can avoid 100% of their duty costs when shipping small items from Canada to the US under Section 321, when shipping with B&J Duty Elimination program.

Sellers can send their inventory to B&J's Toronto warehousing center. Customers' orders are picked up, packed, fulfilled, and shipped from our Toronto warehousing center to Buffalo warehouse for daily pick up and delivery by couriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Canadian sellers can also stock products in their own facility and have B&J pick them up and arrange delivery to the US. Sellers can use B&J system to generate shipping labels at discounted prices and attach them to packages for pick-up. We pick up your shipments in GTA area.

All the packages shipping from Canada to the US will be cleared under Section 321 and exempt from duties and taxes if the individual order value on a single day is $800 or lower.

We provide SAME-DAY and TAX-FREE E-Commerce cross-border freight solutions for Canadian companies selling to the US.

Amazon FBA Prep

B&J Warehousing and Distribution provides FBA appointment, preparation, and shipping management services. Experienced in Amazon prep services, we make the appointment in advance, finish the preparation promptly and ship to Amazon warehouses in Canada and US.



When you need to send shipments directly to wholesalers, retailers, or specific Amazon fulfillment centers as soon as your container arrives at our warehouse, B&J warehousing and logistics offers 7 days of free cross-docking storage and low-cost handling charge in both our Toronto and Buffalo warehouses.

Real Reviews from Customers


A start-up importer saying

I don't know much about the process. When my container had already arrived at the port, I didn't know what to do and searched online for a local freight forwarder. They were very professional, and most of all, efficient. Their knowledgeable and dedicated staff, especially Rachel's prompt, professional assistance, helped me successfully pick up the shipment on Friday before extra charges were incurred.

- David Wong -


Small volume shipments

We are not a big seller but have regular small volume shipments from China to the Amazon warehouse. B&J Global is a one-stop logistics company that offers full services, including ocean freight, customs clearance, and FBA preparation and shipping, which are valuable for us. We highly recommend their services.

- Mount Austin -


Deliver cross-border to the US Amazon

B&J provides shipping to Amazon warehouses in Canada with fixed rates, making it easy to control our costs. They can also arrange delivering cross-border to the US Amazon warehouses. We are very happy to work with them.

- Gols Band-


Organize everything seamlessly & finish their work in time

We are an Amazon vendor and need our 3rd-party warehouse to handle 100+ pallets' pick, labeling, palletizing, and shipping in 2-3 days. This warehouse can organize everything seamlessly and finish their work in time. We used to work with 3-4 different warehouses but now only work with B&J.

- Jennifer-

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