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What do you think about “direct comment” of Amazon?


Comments are very important for sellers who are e-commerce providers. The US overseas warehouses said that the recent “direct evaluation” once again boarded the Amazon sellers hot search, and the root cause is that sellers have sent feedback to Amazon on the unfavorable factors brought by direct evaluation. Amazon’s “direct comment”, what do you think?

1. What is Amazon’s direct comment?
The Amazon platform has two evaluation systems: Review and Feedback. Review is an evaluation of the Listing itself. Amazon users, whether or not they purchase this product, can make their own evaluation of a listing. For a specific order, the buyer can only have the buyer after the purchase has been made. The order is evaluated. The direct comment is a kind of review, which means that you can use the non-Verified Purchase Review without purchasing.
The original intention of the direct evaluation is to provide consumers with a channel for expressing opinions according to the American Freedom of Expression Act, but as more and more Chinese sellers enter Amazon, this function is used – Amazon sellers give their new listings direct comment One hundred nights of praise, in order to facilitate the rapid growth of the product, big sale. But nowadays, the direct evaluation of the brush is used as a tool for malicious competition between peers.

2. Amazon sellers hand in hand to resist direct evaluation
In order to purify the industry environment and resist bad competition, some Amazon sellers have launched an anti-direct evaluation of bad reviews recently, and they have sent emails to Amazon officials, hoping to attract the attention of Amazon. The US overseas warehouse has learned that Amazon has responded to this direct comment:

  • Hand in hand to resist Amazon’s direct evaluation. The bad review has been submitted to Amazon’s highest decision-making level, which has attracted the attention of Amazon’s top management and will be discussed and discussed.
  • Direct evaluation is hidden by default on the product details page. Buyers must filter the filter conditions to see the direct evaluation, but the direct evaluation can affect the overall rating of the review, and it will count the number of reviews in the overall listing.
  • If the seller encounters a direct evaluation, you can click the “report abuse” button to make a complaint. The Amazon community team will manually review the difference. If the violation is violated, the bad review will be deleted. Was punished.

The US overseas warehouse tells us that there are two common forms of direct malice evaluation. One is to give competitors a bad review. One is to give praise to competitors.

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